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The lifespan of human beings isn’t a straight curve. There are always ups and downs, peaks and valleys which transform us in a big way. In short, it is just like the rhythms of an EKG curve, the turns of which are sometimes sharp and sometimes smooth. 

However, when a disease like cancer strikes, one may reach the lowest of lows in life. The rhythm takes a downturn in the most unexpected way, pushing us into uncertainty and fear. 

Cancer is dreadfully a leading cause of death across the world. If we have to go by the recent statistics, it’s close to 10 million in 2020! We need to harness our empathy and compassion to help all of those who are directly or indirectly trying to fight their way out of the challenges of this disease.

Welcome to Caring Men Global

 Caring Men Global, a non-profit organization is dedicated solely to educating men who are supporting a loved one suffering from cancer. I started this organization based on my own personal stresses I faced while caring for my beloved wife, who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.

At that time, I felt an intense lack of supportive information that would guide me as a non-professional to help my wife cope with metastatic disease. There were indeed innumerable places to hunt for such information, but I needed something quick, a single source of information, targeting male caregivers. I started researching more about her diagnosis, the cause behind it, various treatment options that I could go for, and the best ways to break the news of her disease to my children.

 The journey of providing care and support to my wife was extremely challenging, but it also gave me the drive to create Caring Men Global. The compassion that I developed for those men who were in the same boat as I was enough to reach out to them in a more impactful way. 

How we help cancer caregivers

The ultimate goal of our team at Caring Men Global is to have all men, women and children on one page and win their trust as the go-to site for all cancer-related information. The fight against cancer—be it lung, breast, ovarian, prostate or anything malignant—can be unimaginably challenging and emotionally draining. But people can check out our media library from oncologists, psychologists, and medical professionals to learn healthy, more sustainable coping mechanisms.

For males who are acting as the caregiver to a loved one with cancer, Caring Men Global comes as a useful source of all relevant information. It guides and teaches them different ways to cope with the situation. We do this by creating and coordinating links to different cancer-related websites so that people within the community can leverage them. 

The community of men that we are creating will help one another and pool together all their resources and networks to drive our mission. Our value at Caring Men Global is entrenched in leadership, guidance and compassion. We seek to inspire people to take the necessary steps to go through their journey as a caregiver for a cancer patient. We can be looked at as a one-stop library where male caregivers can find ample resources to help them through the process.

A support community for the brave hearts

At Caring Men Global, we wish to become a community that is recognized amongst male caregivers for the useful information that we offer. We plan to achieve this by:

  • Setting up a crowdfunding program in addition to our comprehensive website. Men can visit this website to find all information related to caregiving. Moreover, there will be links to various advocacy groups and medical sites to increase the value of the information we provide.
  • Have blogs written by professionals so that men can have first-hand information.
  • Create an ongoing grant program and email campaigns to raise funds to support and expand our platform and programs.
  • Supplement our fundraising initiatives with direct mail campaigns to make the best use of our budget and reach out to our target audience.
  • Develop a dedicated mobile app that men can use to find information on the go.

The convenience factor of Caring Men Global is one reason why we have been able to build a robust community of male caregivers. Users can connect easily to our initiative from wherever they are and show their support for us. Our official website and social media platforms make it extremely convenient for people to know more about our venture and reach out to us for help.

Cancer is a disease that knows no geographical borders, caste, creed, gender, and age. It can take anyone into its grip and bring about a massive setback in life. Millions around the globe are tackling this deadly disease and are trying to cope with stress, anxiety, and other issues. This is the reason why we have made our website available for the global audience so that no male caregiver is left out of our helping hands.

We also leverage various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to connect with our target audience and forge a more meaningful relationship with them. We know that these platforms are booming these days, and they prove extremely useful in spreading awareness of fundraising campaigns. Also, individuals can reach out to us through our social media channels to get answers to their queries.

Through Caring Men Global, we make a humble attempt to relieve the stress of males who are shouldering intense caregiving responsibilities towards their loved ones suffering from cancer. Irrespective of their location and socio-economic condition, they can reach out to us for help and boost their confidence to fight tough situations. 

We thank you for your interest in us, and we eagerly look forward to your participation.

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