“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” --Helen Keller

Our Founder’s Personal Story

Stephen Peck has lived through the challenges of leading a family through the cancer process, from diagnosis to end stage disease. Inspired by his battle-hardened experience, he created this project where he can share his lessons with all male caregivers.

Corporate and Medical Board

We are developing a corporate board composed of business and medical professionals and we will be forming a medical board that will consist of oncologists, psychologists, and sociologists.

Our Team

Stephen, the founder, continues to drive the mission as we work to carefully expand our team. Dedicated volunteers invest time and talents to carry us forward as we focus on raising funds to sustain our growth; while outside professionals currently provide legal services and bookkeeping.


Our Vision

No man will panic with no idea where to turn when he hears the words about a loved one, “it’s cancer,” but will already know to go immediately to Caring Men Global.

Our Mission

Caring Men Global (CMG) is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to educating and equipping men to become the best possible caregiver they can be when cancer strikes a loved one.  We are committed to building a nationwide and worldwide community of men who help one another through multiple connections within the cancer caregiving community to fulfill our mission.

Our Goal

Our goal is to achieve universal awareness that Caring Men is the one “Go To” site to obtain all the information, connections, specialized healthcare and support needed to guide a family member or friend through the cancer process.


Our Story

By Steve Peck

I have personally lived through the challenges of leading a family through the cancer process from diagnosis to end-stage disease. My experience with my wife and our children is battle-hardened.  The expertise I gained through that heartbreaking process is infused in all our programs, which I designed to address the same panic, ignorance and helplessness I had to face.

CMG is designed to comfort those desperately seeking reliable information, so they are more confident and competent in their caregiving. It is a fact that when patients are stressed their cortisol levels increase, potentially interfering with treatments and healing. By giving the caregiver confidence, the patient will be more comfortable, reducing cortisol levels for more effective treatment. 

It is also known that caregivers frequently suffer physical and mental impact from the stress of their duties.  CMG is dedicated to heading off this dangerous condition by assuring caregivers they are doing all they can humanly do to care for their loved ones.

Meet the Board

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 Stephen D. Peck

Founder/Executive Director

Mr. Peck is a senior level executive with both finance, administration and operational experience. His tenure has included leadership positions with both private and public companies. Having started his career as a junior accountant with Price Waterhouse gave him the foundation necessary to incorporate his accounting skills with both his administration and operational talent.

Mr. Peck spent 25 years with two companies offering each the talent and professionalism necessary to grow both revenues and profits. One of these companies is the well-known Phillips International, a leader in newsletter publishing. Having started with Phillips when they were just $12 million in revenue gave Mr. Peck an opportunity to utilize his skills to help the company grow to over $250 million.  He was essential in aggressive financing for both acquisition and general working capital needs. Mr. Peck had a department of over 160 employees during his tenure. Mr. Peck was solely responsible for a new Maryland tax law being passed which helped direct marketing firms mail into other states from Maryland. This law reduced operating costs substantially for both the Phillips company and all other direct marketers.

Following Phillips, Mr. Peck was Chief Financial Officer for American Mobile Satellite, a NASDAQ company; SKYC-the founders of XM Satellite. At the start of Mr. Peck's tenure he was instrumental in helping AMSC balance their cash needs to a more manageable level until the company was able to raise funding via a highly successful high yield bond offering during March 1998. The company raised over $300 million during this critical time of the company's cycle. These funds allowed the company to pay down existing debt and to have sufficient working capital to operate the business, in addition to acquiring a division of Motorola.

Following Mr. Peck's tenure at AMSC, he formed a new company with a well- known Washington, D.C. developer to invest in early to mid- stage companies. During the first year of operation his company, Peco Holdings, L.L.C., invested in four east coast companies. Lead investors included venture groups such as Spectrum Partners, AT&T Joint Venture, Mid Atlantic, Keystone Partners, and Five Paces.

Mr. Peck has played an active role in the community by forming foundations that specialize in educating men and families on breast cancer issues. He is the founder of the Family Cancer Institute and Co-founder of Men Against Breast Cancer.

He is married to the former Joanne Cohen and between the two families have four outstanding children. He is a native Midwesterner with a BBA from the University of Cincinnati.

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Winfield A. Boerckel, MSW, MBA, LCSW-R

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Bradley Kiley

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Lisa Blumenthal, M.Ed