Insights on Assisting Cancer Patients

Welcome from the Founder of Caring Men Global

Caring Men Global The lifespan of human beings isn’t a straight curve. There are always ups and downs, peaks and valleys which transform us in a big way. In short, it is just like the rhythms of an EKG curve, the turns of which are sometimes sharp and sometimes smooth.  However, when a disease like…
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Doctor’s Orders: 9 Tips for Male Caregivers from a Cancer Care Physician

The number of male caregivers in America continues to grow. A 2017 AARP report, “Breaking Stereotypes: Spotlight on Male Family Caregivers,†describes that 40% of caregivers are male. Male and female caregivers face many similar challenges. Often, their caregiving role happens unexpectedly, such as when a partner or parent is injured or falls ill. Their…
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Talking to Kids About A Cancer Diagnosis

Learning that a loved one has cancer is challenging in any circumstance, yet this news can be particularly difficult for children. Depending on their age, children may not understand what cancer is or what this diagnosis means for their families. Instinctually, some adults may wish to protect young ones from this hardship by not telling…
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The Long-Distance Caregiver: 7 Ways to Support Your Loved One from Far Away

By Leslie Boyle-Milroy and Laura M. Johnson June 2022 When someone we care about falls ill or receives a dreaded medical diagnosis, our first impulse is often to rush to their side and offer love, care, and support. However, when your loved one lives far away from you, the option of staying close to them…
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