Start Your Journey

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Educate Yourself about the Basics

Visit the Cancer Library and Caregiving 101 to familiarize yourself with different aspects of cancer care.

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Find a Specialist for an Accurate Diagnosis

After doing your research, it is helpful to seek out a specialist. Talk with your primary care physician to discuss the next steps and receive a referral.

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Explore Treatment Options

Visit the Treatment sections of the Cancer Library for an overview of treatment types.

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Preparing for Caregiving Responsibilities

Explore Caregiving 101, the Cancer Library, Blog, and Media pages for caregiving advice and resources.

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Identify Your Plan for Self-Care

Visit Care for the Caregiver in Caregiving 101 to learn about ways to protect your own mental and physical health as you navigate your caregiving journey.

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Get Support

Connect with Caring Men! Consider joining a support group and make sure to delegate caregiving responsibilities to family and friends. Doing so will ease the collective caregiving burden and help ensure that your loved one receives the best quality of care.